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     Friends for Life Dog Rescue was created because 5 people wanted to help dogs and owners in their communities. It hasn't always been easy but we kept our intention. However, we can not do it alone. If you have ever wanted to help with dogs and/or wanted to help in your community but didn't know how, we have some great ideas for you!!

You could help with such things as fundraising, delivering food to dogs in need, fostering or be a part of our "Dog house program" just to name a few!!!

     If you are saying "YES, I want to help" Please fill out the Volunteer form or Foster form below and let us know how you want to help our rescue and your community!!!

You can make a difference !!

​​Help make a difference and sign up
to foster or volunteer today!

Becoming a foster is so rewarding. We match our dogs with the right foster. We provide food, toys, treats and all medical attention. We are asking that the foster provide, love, attention and a safe environment.


Please fill out your information and 

someone will get back in touch with you.

Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

             You are                          p      wsitively amazing!!!!

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