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These lovely dogs are available for adoption! See below for adoption information.

Our adoptable dogs can be viewed on

If you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful dogs, please fill out our adoption application and email it to


Adoption fees:   

Puppies under 1 year -  $400*

Dogs 1-4 years of age - $350*

Dogs 5-6 years of age - $300*     

Dogs 7 years and older - $175*

 Why is adoption so expensive? Actually, it's really not! Here's why:​

*All adoption fees include a wellness exam from a certified veterinarian, spay/neuter, all vaccinations, parasite treatment, heartworm/Lyme testing, any necessary medical treatment, microchip, tags and records. If you were to pay for these things separately, it would be much, much more. Adopting is actually a bargain and we do all the work for you!

Adoption Policy:

Adoption is not an overnight process. Potential adopters must fill out an adoption application. We then do a vet check and a phone call to you. You will come and visit the dog you are interested in at their foster home. Plan on at least three separate visits and, depending on whether there are other dogs in the household, there is more than one visit with your dogs to make sure they all get along. At least one of the visits is at your home so that a home inspection can be done. We encourage walking the dog and play interaction. We talk with potential adopters about training and decompression. Our goal is a successful, lifelong adoption, so we also offer help after adoption with any issues that may arise.

Click here to see previously adopted dogs in their new homes!
Happy Tails!

Foster homes are desperately needed! Click here for more info.

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